Wednesday, December 1, 2010

very bad poetry, history and technology.

This is second poem I wrote in my life.  Sribbled down in  English class sometimes in the last few weeks of 10th grade.(1986).  I went home and typed it up on my Commodore 64 with MPS-801 printer using the newly released GEOS operating system(cracked version...of course).  GEOS was a "macintosh-like" 8-bit overlay for the Commodore Operating System.  This is a scan of the original printout.  I've kept it all these years along with the other (mostly) horrible poetry I've written since.  This poem(if you want to call it that) obviously reflects the public's(especially 10th grade boys) fascination with "Vietnam War" movies at the time.  Think Rambo, Platoon, etc.  I had just read the poem "I Have a Rendezvous With Death" by Alan Seeger.  And ripped that line from his poem.  So not only was I writing bad poetry, I was plagiarizing too.


  1. If this is your second poem (and hey, it's not so bad for a second try ;D ), do you still have your first?

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