Tuesday, September 15, 2009

american gothic

A stream of consciousness collage of modern american pop culture.  Is anybody out there?  I doubt it.

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  1. I'm listening, but it took sometime for the sound to travel this far, despite the link from Wikipedia to your site (topic "Typecasting (blogging)").

    There's definitely a romance to the old typer, a word meaning typewriter that I never knew till I read it in stories by Charles Bukowski, some of whose manuscript (typescript) poems can be found in this wonderful collection.

    I reproduced one in this post on my blog but the Bukowski site keeps changing the links to prevent such linking. At any rate, I did transcribe the poem (a lovesong to his typer), which ends with:

    when typing I'm

    well, maybe not immortal.
    but habitually
    this old typewriter and
    this old man
    live well together.